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Heating on the blink? When your heating system dies, it can result in more than a chilly winter — broken heating units can be a real safety hazard to you and your family. Luckily, the Coolheat team can expertly replace heating systems of any size, and every kind. We can even upgrade your existing heater to a climate-controlled heating and cooling system for year ‘round comfort .

To get your free quote, give us a call today. From small gas ducted heaters to large rooftop packaged units, we can replace your old heater with a brand new system to keep you warm and safe all winter long.

Gas Ducted Heating

There’s nothing quite like ducted heating. Our gas ducted heating ensures every room is heated simultaneously — meaning no cold spots during the icy winter months. Plus, you can zone your ducted heating to different areas of your house. So you only heat what you need, making it more economical than running individual heaters in each room.

How does it work? Gas ducted heating uses a central heating unit, which is fuelled by natural gas or LPG. Cool air is drawn in, heated up and distributed to each room by fan force. The air then circles back to the central unit for reheating and distribution, ensuring constant warmth and comfort.

Depending on how big your property is, we can mount your heating system outside, under the floor, or in your roof space. We’ll neatly install your vents in your ceiling or floor, out of sight and out of mind.

Reverse Cycle Ducted System

Looking for a solution that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer? Our reverse cycle ducted systems are the perfect heating (and cooling!) systems for you.

Reverse cycling works by absorbing heat from outside and bringing it inside during winter, or by cycling the hot air from inside your home and pushing it outside during the summer. You can even choose which rooms you’d like to keep warm by zoning different areas of your home.

Our ducted systems are installed in your ceiling, and connected to an outdoor unit via small pipes. To find out more about ensuring your home is climate controlled all year ‘round, contact us today.

Ductless Wall Split System

If you don’t have space for a ducted heating system, a mini-split-system is the next best thing. Great for their small size, these dual heating and cooling systems can be easily fitted to your wall with minimal disruption to your home’s interior.

Ductless systems also result in minimal energy loss, providing optimal warmth with great energy savings. To find out more about our great range of wall split heating systems, contact us today.

Industrial and Commercial

Looking to heat your place of business? We offer commercial and industrial heating packages that are ideal for the workplace. Contact our friendly team today to find out more about keeping your place of work warm during the cold months.

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