Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Enjoy year ‘round climate-controlled comfort with one of our ducted refrigerated system. This air conditioning system is able to operate in every room of the house simultaneously, providing a cool escape from the summer heat.

Ducted systems heat and cool with a fan coil, which is installed in the ceiling and connected to an outdoor unit. The fan coil pumps conditioned, dehumidified air to ceiling ducts throughout your home. You can even zone your ducted system to ensure complete control over which rooms in your home you want to keep cool.

Wall Split Air Conditioning

If you’re after instant relief from hot summer days, a wall split air conditioning system is for you. Wall split air conditioners are small in size and sit neatly on your wall, making them a great choice for many families. We install the motor outside (that’s why it’s called a ‘split-system’) to ensure your unit runs quietly and effectively.

Best for cooling single rooms, wall mounted split-system air conditioners are perfect for homes and businesses with limited space. We can also install more than one air conditioner on the one system, so you only need one outdoor motor to cool multiple rooms. They’re even available in reverse cycle models — which means they heat as well as cool — so you can keep your home the perfect temperature all year long.

Evaporative Cooling

Green, healthy and kind on the pocket, evaporative cooling systems are a great choice for many Australians. Installing an evaporative air conditioning system costs around half the price of refrigerated air conditioning, and it’s about the same as a light bulb to run.

Evaporative cooling works by drawing fresh air from the outdoors into your home. The air passes through water-cooled filtration pads, before being circulated around your home through discrete ceiling ducts. Perfect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, evaporative cooling brings fresh, cool, humidified air to every room in your house.

Our systems can be installed on your roof, and are available in a range of colours to suit your home.

Replace My Air Conditioner

Air conditioner acting a little less cool lately? No worries, our team at Coolheat makes replacing air conditioning units a breeze. We’re a team of qualified air conditioning consultants, refrigeration mechanics and licenced plumbers, so we can tell you what’s wrong and fix it for you.

We’d love to help you find a new, more efficient cooling system to keep the summer sweats at bay. To get your free quote today, give us a call on 1300 854 525.

Industrial and Commercial

Keep your workplace cool all year ‘round with innovative air conditioning and climate control solutions for businesses. Give us a call today to learn more about our industrial and commercial air conditioning packages.

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